Client: Australian Telco
Role: Experience Design Director
Methods: Workshops, usability testing, prototyping


Create a concept with LinkedIn, to reach c-level IT executives for support and sales outside of traditional advertising models.



A knowledge sharing platform where the more users contribute, the more personalised and helpful the platform becomes.




Months of lab testing went into the final concept. Over 20 hrs of footage was recorded and analysed.

A Qantas Boeing 747. Old-school long-haul metal. I fly on one of these from Sydney to L.A. once a year.

Through all of the concepts we tested a primary use-case emerged: knowledge sharing. The key insight:  c-suite IT professionals need more support from other professionals like them during large-scale implementation projects.




Meet Tony Stark. He has been busily posting about his work. The more he contributes, the more likely his profile is to be found by similar professionals. 

Additionally, Tony’s news feed is populated with customised articles, advertisements, and relevant contributions by other users, all based on his own contributions.

Let's say he linked into a relevant project from his feed. Tony can now read more about it, favourite it, or follow the members of that project individually.


Lee Gordon, Experience Design Director
Alexandra Fitzroy, Sr. Visual Designer
  Tom Moody, Sr. Experience Designer
Rob Chalmers, Sr. Experience Designer 

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