Client: Qantas Airlines
Role: Experience Design Director
Methods: Design sprints, contextual inquiry, prototyping, design thinking


The Qantas brand was dated, desktop and mobile were separately maintained, and the experience was difficult to navigate. 


We undertook a complete responsive redesign with an updated brand, and a customer-centric experience. We created a new IA with content strategy, and updated interaction models.



I compiled every design thinking method we used into a playbook. In-house designers can now reference our process to quickly find solutions.

I also created a design sprint process for Qantas staff and consultants to utilize. You can read more about it in my Medium story.

We printed a wall-sized journey map to serve as a guide as the project progressed.

Sketching, storymapping, storyboarding, and whiteboarding helped us understand the big picture in small teams and larger workshops.

We researched our assumptions at the airport every Friday.

Proto-personas allowed us to quickly evolve our customer perceptions as we learned more about them in our Friday research sessions.

We designed from the inside out, starting with user inputs.  Everything that worked in our regular validation sessions, was compiled into an online style guide.




Booking flights, browsing deals, and finding inspiration is now easier than ever for the customer on any device.

We used straightforward labels, no hamburger menus, as most users found the common 3 stripe menu icon confusing.

The mega-nav enters the canvas inline, pushing the content down instead of hiding it. 


We used progressive disclosure and animated transitions, to make the complex flight search form feel simplistic.


Users can search for flight offers using typography-based UI, making important forms feel conversational.

Destination pages give users all the content necessary to plan their trips to Qantas destinations.


Lee Gordon, UX Design Director
Kim McGuire, Lead UX Architect
Tony Dolan, Design Director
Emma Lundgren, UX Architect
Nick White, Designer

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